About Wyndsong

WyndLogoEverything Wyndsong encapsulates the graphic design work of Patrisha Renz. I started using Wyndsong back in the mid 90's while living in Wyoming, a state notorious for its winds. When it blows, which is much of the time, it is the sound that you can't get away from. The electric poles that ran adjacent to my property helped create a never ending whistle noise that fluctuated in tone depending on wind speed. Hence the name, a mixture of Wyoming, wind and song. I drew the logo, scanned it, then vectorized it in Adobe Illustrator.

eWyndsong.com has been the home of my online portfolio for over a decade and revised 3 times. This version rolled out in the fall of 2010 and will most likely stay put for awhile, as the previous one lasted for 8 years. I get too busy working on other sites to find the time for this one, so it was designed for the long haul.


No it's not me, I'm a bit more 3 dimensional, just a little mini me avatar that I got from Pogo.com. We do have a few things in common, both of the female persuasion, the hair was real close ...before a recent haircut, and we like our designer handbags. I'm probably older too.

Anyway, the link above (www.par.me) goes to my online CV/resume. It used to link to my blog (R.I.P) but was humanely put to rest when I discovered that, as a very opinionated person, I have fairly little interest in writing about them. I do the Facebook thing...badly...and forget about Twitter. Definitely not the social network butterfly type.


  • Born in New York City (circa mid 60's) and raised in the California Bay Area.
  • Currently residing in the Phoenix AZ suburb of Ahwatukee.
  • 2 sons ages 25 and 21 from a former marriage.
  • Graduated from University of Advancing Technology with a degree in Multimedia.
  • Can't live without my gadgets - Kindle, multiple laptops, Droid smarthphone and Adobe CS.
  • Fav's include heavy rock, horror books and movies, hiking the Rockies and loving Hawaii.
  • Employed by Envato, providing support and direction to our amazing design community.