Wyndsong Domaining

Domaining has been a hobby of mine since I registered the name wybeans.com and created my first Web page. It was your standard -chintzy- late 90's Beanie Baby reseller site built in Microsoft Frontpage and using Paypal's new merchant services for checkout. Eventually, Dreamweaver replaced Frontpage as my Web builder of choice and domains replaced beanies as my favorite collectible.

My first domain sale was EliteToys.com in the late 90's. I sold the name for $2,500, not bad for an $80 investment, to a guy who used it for his upscale rental site featuring limo's, sports cars, private jets, etc...Back then a domain was $80 bucks a year, now it usually costs about $8 for new ones. I have never paid more than $400 for a domain, be it auction, sale or (my personal fav) new, as in expired or not registered. I bought SiteSales.com for $400 (expired auction) and sold it for 5 times that much about 3 months later.

Domaining has been hit hard by the recession but it's still fun. I build mini-sites for my better domains - keep them interesting enough while making some money off them through marketing optimization. Here are a handful of the domains I have for sale.

Click domain for mini-site and amount to buy now.