Designs created

Made to order client designs

For 15 years Wyndsong Design has been providing custom designs-to-order for our clients. First dealing mostly in print based materials like menus, brochures and business cards. Now Wyndsong is focused on the digital medium of Web site creation and internet marketing materials. There is still a need for physical materials of the past but, first and foremost, digital technology is now at the forefront of identity branding and Wyndsong has embraced all aspects of contemporary design.


Web site

A sampling of Wyndsong created Web sites.


Identity branding

Logo creation is the first step in identity branding. Wyndsong has created hundreds of logos. Here are a few examples ...


Flash, etc...

Flash was the most innovative Internet tool of the 90's and is still a dominant medium. Some swear by it and others avoid it like the plague. I tend to gravitate towards the plague side but have had extensive training and experience using the software. I've included a small project, made in 2002, that features 4 seperate .swf files - movies inside a movie of vectorized graphics created by me and then animated through the technology of Flash.

Also, on this page, is an example of color combinations courtesy of Escher's "Circle Limit III"...made these images for a Color Theory presentation...lots of fun!!