Creations designed

Digital art and drawings

Art started off as a hobby and became my career path of choice. I was working as a print based graphic artist when digital software first became available to the layman. I quickly embraced the digital medium. It wasn't long before my artistic focus shifted (professionally to digital design - creatively to digital art) as I discovered the endless possibilities of Photoshop and it's friends.


Digital Art

I used to have the time to be creative. Most of these images are older and all were produced in Adobe products ...Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign ...hence the digital.



Just one drawing is shown as it is not my medium of choice, anymore. I drew it as my final project for my college drawing class and scanned it to display on the online student showcase.


Desktop wallpaper

There was a time when creating desktop wallpaper was the the thing I did whenever I had the time to enjoy my computer. The first thing I did when I got my first desktop with an actual operating system was personalize the display settings. Skinning the OS became my passion, not gaming or surfing the Internet.

I haven't made any new wallpaper for a number of years and can't use my images on my wide screen monitors anyway, but have selected a few for display here. I recommend checking out for exceptional quality artwork in all the latest resolutions.